We,  members of the Government Systems Research Group, are sending you The Project for a Democratic Government System in Vietnam. The Government Systems Research Group is an academic association with particular interest in democratic systems. Currently, our group has 5 members and are recruiting more candidates of the same interest.

   1 – Reason for The Project for a Democratic Government System in Vietnam

    – Through a long period of fact-findings, analysis, and research of the current conditions of the economy and society of Vietnam, we came to the realization that Vietnam is on the brink of a regime change. The preparation for a democratic system of government is, therefore, crucial and urgent. We have joined our efforts for this very purpose.

     – Through our research of various models of organizing democratic societies, we can see many shortcomings of the existing democratic systems and the ways they have been built around the world. We believe we have found a method that could fill such shortcomings and overcome those flaws. We would like to present our ideas to political scientists, political organizations and parties, and the general audience in the hope to receive comments, critique, and feedback from the readers inside and outside Vietnam.

   2- Goals of the Government Systems Research Group

    a/- Our ultimate goal is to present our ideas to the public for discussion and suggestions. Afterwards, if our project is approved and applied to the construction of the democracy in Vietnam, that would make our dream come true.

    b/- If our ideas are not put to use in the near future, we are still happy with the achievement of presenting an alternative the approach to build democratic society in the world today. Our project’s goal is not limited to the case of Vietnam but also for any countries that seek freedom and democracy. They might find our ideas useful as well.

    c/- We also wish to raise awareness among the public on how to build democratic society, institutions, and the operations of factions, forces there within.

   3 – Customizing our presentation to fit the audiences

    We try to shape our presentation to fit with the three targeted audiences:

    + Group 1: The democracy advocates in Vietnam. Individuals within this group do not have much time and related information to go deep into theoretical research. This group of readers are much more concerned of the practical side, and the real situation in society albeit also having concerns of the logics and institutions in a democracy to a lesser degree. For this particular audience, we try to be brief and yet systematical; general and yet complete.  Our objective is to help readers understand how to build a democratic system, and the differences between our approach and those around the world today.

    + Group 2: Theoretical Researchers. Individuals within this group want to dig deeper into the theoretical discussion of various angles and areas of a democratic system. For this particular audience, we included a section on types of democratic systems and related documents.

    + Group 3: Scholars. Individuals within this group might want to go even further to look at the origins of human thoughts on freedom, democracy, politics, philosophy, … For this particular audience, we included the references section with classics on democracy and related subjects. Some books in this section are written or translated by our members.

   4 – Composition of the project

   The project has three parts:

   In part I, we present a number of general concepts and common observations. In the general concepts section, we cover just the most fundamental ones. In the common observations section, we briefly outline the shortcomings of existing democracies, as well as our own suggested solutions. This is the distinctive feature of our project.

   In part II, we present our method of democracy building, applicable to all countries.

   In Part III, we present the case of Vietnam, especially its historical background and challenges in the process of preparing and building a democratic system.

   Part II is, therefore, our main section.

   5 – Interaction with other projects and readers

    Once the introduction of our project is well underway, we will select a number of related projects by others to discuss, debate. Of course, we welcome all comments, arguments, feedback  from other groups and readers.

    However, since this is a highly complicated project involving various areas of knowledge, we hope to receive and will set high priority to respond to comments and arguments that come from thorough review of our ideas.

    The Government Systems Research Group

    Hanoi, 20/02/2017