Ladies and gentlemen and friends,

       I have a request for the readers of this website, looking forward to your interest and attention.

       Our Project of Democracy Institution Construction is one that can be applied to all countries and democracies. If you do your research and find the Project valuable, I would like to suggest and request your help to widely promote this Project to all forums on political science, to major researchers, political parties, and political leaders throughout the world.

       This is a project that is distinctive, uncovers and focuses on building the core institutions. Such a project can radically change the democracies that have been built in the world. However, this project also has some small flaws that make promotion difficult.

       – Personally, I am currently living in a communist totalitarian regime, in a country where people have never enjoyed true freedom and democracy, so when I discuss and present to them about democracy, few people are interested in; it is very difficult to attract the attention of academia and the public about it.

       – I was trained in an environment of communist, socialist education, and also lived in that environment. I was not trained in an academic, progressive and advanced environment like in Europe and America, so I was not taught method and manner to present a research project in accordance with current world standards. This is a huge limitation that makes many researchers and scientists not enough patient and sympathetic to learn and study my work.

       – Another issue of thinking and approach, research. I am an Asian, and I think in the way Asians think. That is an intuitive thinking that is an approach from the center, from the core, from the inner essence to outward forms or phenomena. This way of thinking (and presentation as its result) is contrary to the thinking way of scientists in Europe and America today. This is also a great difficulty for the dissemination of my research.

       For these reasons, I respectfully recommend and ask you, when promoting this project, to be clear to all the places where you intend to introduce it. Please suggest them to study this project with seriousness, research spirit and sympathy for the authors because of the above circumstances. Research spirit and seriousness are always the highest standards in academic research.

       I would like to sincerely thank you all for reading this petition, hoping that this project will come to places that appreciate new and innovative academic discoveries.

       Again, I sincerely thank!

Hanoi, September 15, 2020

Nguyen Vu Binh

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